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Yoga Therapy Classes

Whole Yoga focuses on breath, proprioception, and kinesthesia to improve balance, postural awareness, strength, and overall wellness. All levels.

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Chair Yoga

This class takes place mostly seated on a chair, or supine on a mat. Focus will be on hip opening, range of motion, release and stretching, and strengthening awareness of TVA (transverse abdominus).

Props: chair (with feet flat on the floor or blocks/props so feet can be flat and hips at least 90° flexed), 1-2 therapy balls (or lacrosse/tennis balls), yoga mat, strap (or small towel).


Strength, Proprioception, and Stability

This class will focus on strengthening and proprioceptive awareness of deep, stabilizing segmental muscles (TVA), stretching and release of tight musculature, and alignment to promote better posture.

Props: yoga mat, blocks, strap (or small towel), 1-2 therapy balls (or lacrosse/tennis balls), 2-3 yoga blankets or towels.


Yoga Therapy

This class takes place on the yoga mat, and the chair can be utilized to modify. Focus will be on stretching tight muscles, releasing tension (muscular and neural), proprioception, ROM, and strengthening.

Props: yoga mat, blocks, 1-2 therapy balls (or lacrosse or tennis balls), strap (or small towel), 2-3 yoga blankets or towels.

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